client testimonials

Lobat O. of Belmont, 07/01/19:

"Definitely 5 Stars! My first time, via Groupon, and I had a wonderful experience. Suzie is very detail oriented, and ensures that your skin gets what it needs.  She is also very knowledgeable thus, a great source of info.

She also uses and has great natural ingredient products, but is not pushy to sell anything. A very relaxing experience.

Will definitely return."

Masha N. of Daly City, 07/29/19:

"Suzie is amazing! She is honest, caring, and highly skilled. She loves to educate her clients and gives samples as an adjunct to help establish their home regimen. She is never pushy. Suzie is incredibly gentle with your skin and your skin feels amazing for days after the facial. She makes you feel comfortable in your own skin. 10/10!!"

Josephine L. of Palo Alto, 01/02/19:

"Suzie is the most passionate, caring, conscientious skin care professional I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.  

Being a cheapass, I refused to go to her, even though my boyfriend said that she was truly amazing and her facials felt like massages.  I scoffed at him and said that for facials to be effective, they have to hurt.  I was wrong.

He got my cheap ass a gift certificate for Christmas last year, and I made an appointment (because obviously, if I don't have to pay for it, why not).   It.  Was. Life changing. Facials aren't supposed to hurt, you guys!

She is clearly overworked as hell, but if you text her, she will reply.  She has the cutest, most positive social media IG page ever.  Her rates are high because guess what, rents in SM are effing ridiculous.  

Do not be a tech a-hole and take advantage of her or I will have to smack you.

TLDR: If you lack confidence because you think you have bad skin, go to her.  If you want free therapy and a massage for your face, go to her.  If you want to make a sweet new friend, go to her.  If you want natural products that are affordable and already thoroughly vetted and researched so you don't have to waste your time doing that crap, go to her.  JUST GO TO HER IF YOU WANT A DAMN FACIAL."

N.M.of San Diego, 10/08/18:

"Suzie is god send! I went in today to have a deep pore cleansing facial that would be about 2 hours.
I mentioned that I was trying to get pregnant, and she quickly mentioned that we shouldn't do the facial because of all the acids that she was going to use. She didn't talk me into another facial, instead gave advice on what types  products I should avoid, including items with parabans, even with laundry detergent! She also gave me samples of clean face products that she sells that would be safe for me to use now!  This was my second time seeing her, it so nice to see someone who cares about her clients wellbeing and is ethical! People like her are rare to find! I just moved to the area from San Diego and found Suzie on yelp. I'll definitely be going back to her and highly recommend her!"

Livia Z. of San Francisco, 08/04/18:

"Suzie is so sweet! She greeted me and offered me water, tea, and chocolate. Definitely made me feel really comfortable. The area is really cute, she played relaxing music during the facial. The bed is nice and warm. She's informative and really tried to understand my concern and my skin before she started on the facial. She's not pushy at all with trying to sell her products. I would definitely recommend going to her for facials!"