In order to best take care of my clients and myself, until further notice I am not accepting new clients. Current client family and friend referrals, Orange Theory Fitness Members, Insight Float Clients, Current Gift Certificate and Groupon holders are welcome. If you would like to be put on a waitlist, please go to the Contact Me tab, fill out the form and request to be put on the waitlist. I appreciate your trust, support and loyalty!


The skin care studio is a private, one room studio specializing in relaxing, customized, corrective skin care with little to no down-time. I offer sensitive skin and acne treatments, anti-aging and preventative treatments as well as healthy skin maintenance. With 17+ years of education and experience, I am able to confidently address your skin's needs and guide you in the right direction with your home care. Membership options are available.

Using the menu on the left you can contact me, find out more about me, my services, book an appointment, ask questions or purchase products and/or gift certificates. Using the buttons on your left you can go to my Facebook, Instagram and Yelp pages. 

Check back often as I post monthly facials, treatments, products of the month and other special offers and events! Feel free to ccontact me with any questions.

See you soon!
Until then - drink lots of water and wear your sunscreen!!